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Insert Crystal Clear Waggler


Straight Crystal Clear Waggler


Loaded Insert Crystal Clear Waggler


Loaded Straight Crystal Clear Waggler


Crystal Clear Pellet Waggler


Adjustable Loaded Pellet Waggler


About Edge Tackle Wagglers

At Edge Tackle we have made our own range of crystal clear Polycarbonate Wagglers.

We have tailored the diameters, lengths and capacities to suit what we believe the majority of anglers would want and made them in both loaded and unloaded, straight form and inserted so you can drag line on the bottom of a river or fish up in the water and on the drop in a lake. These are very buoyant (no surprise there as they are a thin-walled tube full of air !) for their size yet still very robust and durable.

There are two tip colours available; red and yellow. Changing either to black (which, strangely, although VERY useful, is by far the least popular colour) is the simplest thing to do.

Diameters vary from type to type, but Inserts are 3.0mm, straight wagglers 6.0mm and Pellet Wagglers 8.0mm

Edge Waggler Floats

Diameters top to bottom: Insert 3.0, Straight 6.0, Pellet 8.0

Having a selection of types, sizes and lengths with you enables you to “‘mix and match” float sizes and weight loadings. This way, you can have the desired weight around the float – shot or pre-loaded – and down the line for a given set of circumstances.

You can even take off the brass weight from the loaded version and trap-shot it instead, or can even place a brass weight onto an unloaded float to pre-load it. You literally can mix ‘n’ match.

Below are types and a guide to approximate sizes:

Straight Waggler – 1.5g, 2.0g, 2.5g, 3.0g, 3.5g
Insert Waggler – 1.5g, 2.0g, 2.5g, 3.0g, 3.5g
Loaded Straight Waggler – 1.5g+ 2.0g+ 2.5g+ 3.0g+ 3.5g+
Loaded Insert Waggler – 1.5g+ 2.0g+ 2.5g+ 3.0g+ 3.5g+
Pellet Waggler – 3.0g, 4.0g, 5.0g