How do you make up pole rigs, or stick float and Avon rigs for that matter, on winders, while making them all the correct length?

You could set up your pole kit, attach line, attach the float, shot/Olivette and tie. You could do this every time, lots of us like to do this in the garden, when the sun in shining. Making up rigs, drinking a beer…but, it’s not always nice outside and some of you may hate this job, anyway!

Or, you could be really organised and make yourself up a chart based on a combination of length of kit and the size of the winder.

By making up the needed rig and then counting the full turns needed around the winder size, you don’t then need to get out the pole kit, or rod, ever again. So, when it’s raining outside, and you’ve got no space indoors, you don’t have to worry.

It pays to make them up so that they are just slightly short of the full kit length, then, when you’re on the bank, you can stretch the elastic slightly to place the hook into the end of the pole section. Although this is common among anglers, it does allow the elastic at the top to sit in full sun, and it will eventually perish. Alternatively, place some type of “hook up” on the section to secure the hook, this means no stretching of the elastic and premature ageing.

How many combinations you put together is up to you. Many, like myself, have all sorts of combinations, probably too many! Where others only have a couple and make up long rigs and then trim them down to suit on the bank.

Below is an example of one of my charts.

   Winder sizes  
SECTIONLENGTH 12cm14cm16cm18cm20cm24cm  
TOP150CM 6.55.5n/an/an/an/a Number of full turns on winder
TOP 2290CM 13119.5n/an/an/a  
TOP 3450CM n/an/an/a1311.5n/a  
TOP 4600CM n/an/an/an/a15.513  

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