Edge Tackle Ltd are two highly skilled and experienced anglers – James Robins and Richard Norris

James has worked in the fishing tackle industry for 18 years and gained a lot of experience developing products and marketing them in in the UK and Europe. In 2017 James launched Cadence UK, a new brand that focused on producing high performance premium tackle at an unbeatable price. The success of Cadence and its direct sales business model, gave the inspiration to develop another company and brand that targets the fishing tackle accessories category. After over two years of development in conjunction with Richard, Edge Tackle has been born! As with Cadence, James is very proud and excited to have helped design, develop and test these Edge Tackle products.

Richard grew up within walking distance of the banks of the river Thames in Oxford and started working in the fishing tackle industry in 1978 when he was just 15 !!!  He was the Saturday boy in the biggest & busiest tackle shop in the city working full time from 1979. In 1982 he moved on to high street retail management and after several very successful years he started working as the sole purchasing manager at major UK brand Drennan International in late 1989. Obviously that role expanded as the company did over the next few decades and along with the commercial role (sourcing, purchasing & import/export supplies) was extensive product design & development working with highly skilled engineers. There cannot be too many UK coarse anglers who have not used or are not using an item which Richard has either created & developed or at least helped to create & develop. Products range from high cost items such as Poles, Rods, Reels, Performance Clothing & Luggage down to Lines, Braids, Elastics, Feeders, Hooks and a large assortment of terminal tackle accessories.

Together James and Richard can boast well over 50 years high level experience in the fishing tackle industry.