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Edge Tackle Shot Dispenser


Edge Tackle Shot Refills


Edge Tackle Shot

  • 5 part dispenser includes: AAA BB No1 No4 No6.
  • 7 part dispenser includes: SSG AAA BB No1 No4 No6 No8.
  • Non Toxic alloy in sizes LG – No 6 inclusive.
  • Super Soft lead in sizes No8 No10.
  • Deep cut, well formed and located slot making applying easier and quicker.
  • Non Toxic sizes have slight recess to make removal even easier.
  • Grey coating to reduce ‘flash’ and to slightly cushion the Non Toxic sizes.
  • Dispensers provide the most commonly used sizes so everything is in one container.
  • Refills for all sizes so you can top up the container or just keep separate.

5 part and 7 part dispensers contain the sizes most commonly used. These allow you to keep one simple container and have everything in one place. The central dial is rotated so that the opening is above your selected size and this then allows you to gently slide the shot out. Rotate the central dial again to close the dispenser. Small round refill tubs are available for all sizes so you don’t have to keep buying dispensers.

Individual refill tubs are available in the full range of 9 sizes from LG right down to No10. These allow you to top up your dispensers or, if you use lots making up rigs etc, to keep larger quantities ready to hand. These small tubs are also usually much more convenient in the drawers of seatboxes especially cross drawers etc.

The larger sizes LG – No 6 are a Non Toxic alloy (so comply with UK law) and have a grey coating which slightly cushions them. This also reduces unwanted flash. They can easily be positioned by finger pressure and the recess in the slot allows you to open them up, reposition or move them easily with a fingernail.

Smaller sizes No 8 and No 10 are made from super soft lead (also complying with UK law). Being so soft they can be positioned by finger pressure depending upon the thickness of line being used but, for a better, more even application of pressure, using small, narrow jawed pliers such as Jewellery pliers work extremely well and these are readily available cheaply from multiple sources.

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